The Next Generation of Low Power Wireless

The SPARK Radio helps customers achieve much longer battery life as well as instantaneous and high fidelity short-range wireless communications.

Its efficiency, agility and robustness allow it to address a large number of markets, many of which are ill-served by current wireless technologies.


  • Longer battery life (or longer time between recharges)
  • Smaller footprint due to reduced battery size
  • More frequent data transfer (less latency)
  • Energy efficient data streaming
  • Powering wireless devices using energy harvesting

Benefits of the SPARK Radio

The Battery Problem

A smart watch has limited battery life

  • 48 hours without wireless functions
  • 18 hours on a single charge based on mixed usage
  • 6.5 hours for wireless audio playback
  • Wirelessly tethered for all outside communication and “heavy” computing.
  • More apps are coming, will use wireless more extensively.
  • Battery life will be further reduced.

The SPARK radio can significantly enhance this battery life.